The 20 Best Ai Weiwei Selfies

The 20 Best Ai Weiwei Selfies

Have you ever looked at the Instagram account of Chinese dissident, artist, part-time hairdresser and selfie extraordinaire, Ai Weiwei?

If your answer is "no," you've been sorely missing out. Ai's stream of grainy smart phone photographs are filled with large cats, unfortunate hairdos, art, and, of course, Ai's bearded visage. In honor of Ai's excellent Instagram abilities, we've put together a compilation of the best self-portraits featured on the artist's hilarious account.

Behold (we've titled the selfies for your viewing enjoyment):

1. The traditional "Selfie with Shadow."

2. "Selfie with Neon Pink T-Shirt"

3. "Selfie with Child"

4. "Avant-Sunglasses"

5. "Pre-Op Selfie?"

6. "Meta-Selfie"

7. "'I'm Actually Listening To My Own Metal Record' Selfie"

8. Mr. Potato Head Lookalike Contest Submission

9. "See Only Half The Evil"

10. "Selfie with a Sunbeam"

11. "Untitled (Smooshed Face #1)"

12. "Zoinks"

13. "This Is Not A Pipe"

14. "Ode to Fried Chicken"

15. "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Leaf"

16. "Selfie with Elongated Beard"

17. "Vincent Van Gogh's Other Sea Captain"

18. "Speak No Evil, II"

19. The requisite "Selfie with a Gas Mask"

20. "3D in 2D"


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