Boy Who Battled Stage 4 Cancer Finds 'Nemo' In Special Scavenger Hunt Created Just For Him

"Nemo" was finally found.

When the famous fish went "missing" from Sydney Harbor earlier this month, a 5-year-old boy named Aiden Hyde followed a trail of clues in order to recover the clownfish. The scavenger hunt was all part of a Make-A-Wish adventure that was made possible by local businesses and the community in Cairns, Australia.

After Aiden was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, the young boy underwent round after round of chemotherapy. Now, Aiden is in remission, and Make-A-Wish Australia offered to grant the "Finding Nemo" fan a wish of his choice. So, on April 29, Aiden followed clues around Cairns to find the colorful fish.

"While in hospital he loved ­'Finding Nemo,'" Aiden's mother, Nicole Hyde, told The Daily Telegraph. "He had a central line so he had to stay very still and there was not much else to do but watch movies."

The adventure started earlier this month when Aiden and his family visited the Sydney Aquarium to see the clown anemonefish only to discover "Nemo" was missing. The Hydes then traveled to Cairns for a day-long adventure that saw Aiden riding around the Queensland city in a police motorcade as he solved the six clues in order to decipher the fish's location.

For the second clue, Aiden had to find another animal at the Tropical Zoo.

Still at the zoo, Aiden found his next clue in a certain slow-moving reptile's habitat.

Then, Aiden had to find an extra special police vehicle.

Next on the agenda, Aiden took a ride in a helicopter so he could get a better view.

For the last clue, Australian actor Eric Bana, who provided the voice for Anchor the shark in "Finding Nemo," dropped in to help.

In the final leg of the adventure, Aiden landed on Green Island and geared up to find "Nemo." The 5-year-old, who had previously taken snorkeling lessons in anticipation of the scavenger hunt, led a mission to recover the missing clownfish. As Queensland Police Service reports, "the little clownfish was located healthy and safe in an outer reef."


See more photos of Aiden's adventure in the gallery below.

5-Year-Old Aiden Finds 'Nemo' As Part Of Wish


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