Aidy Bryant And John Early Announce They’re ‘Dating’ In A Hilariously Unhinged Bit

The “SNL” star and “Search Party” actor’s appearance as a couple on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” is late-night TV magic.

If you like it, then you shouldn’t care if there’s a ring on it.

Or at least that was the attitude Aidy Bryant and “Search Party” actor John Early deployed during a delightfully bonkers bit on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” earlier this week.

The pair proved they have great comedic chemistry when they decided to do a joint interview with Meyers on his show, playing heightened versions of themselves that just happen to be in an aggressively passionate, albeit emotionally immature, relationship in which they smooch, write each other explicit love songs, toss around furniture, and well, cheat on their other significant others.

“I’m crazy about you,” Bryant says, leaning into Early with her hand on his thigh.

“That’s so crazy that you said that, because I’m crazy about you,” Early whispers ardently, then looks longingly into Bryant’s eyes. After a brief moment of the two gazing at each other like they’re about to gobble each other up, Bryant then turns to Meyers and flirtatiously asks:

“Do you like this?”

Meyers, playing the straight man, shows discomfort in their interaction because — as the host points out — Bryant is married. But Bryant, channeling Lil Baby Aidy vibes, could care less about Meyers’ silly monogamous ideology.

“This is the thing, is that, yes, I’m ‘married’ or whatever,” Bryant says, prompting Early to spit in disgust. “But that’s the thing that’s hot, they fight over me.”

The rest of the wild, presumably improvised, act is a little slice of silly TV sorcery that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. Check it out in full above.

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