Aidy Bryant's Worst Date Ended In Tears At 'The Most Romantic Place'

The "Saturday Night Live" star dished on a meal that fell apart.

Aidy Bryant’s worst date belongs in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

The “SNL” comedian was asked by Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show Monday to describe her worst date, and she came through with a doozy. (Watch the clip below.)

The “Shrill” star said she had lots to choose from but focused on a rendezvous when she was attending college in Chicago. “He invited me to the most romantic place in the world: Panera,” she began.

“They call your number and you get your sandwich and your soup and when we did that we went to sit at our table and this man tripped and his sandwich exploded and went all over the floor,” she continued. “And then he was so rattled that he was basically in tears and that was the date.”

Watch the whole interview or fast-forward to 9:50 below for the date anecdote.

We totally understand if Bryant, who married comedy writer Conner O’Malley in 2018, avoids Panera Bread for the rest of her life. But its sandwiches are pretty good.