Aimee Louise Sword Raped Son She Gave Up For Adoption: Police (VIDEO)

Aimee Louise Sword Raped Son She Gave Up For Adoption (VIDEO)

Police have accused Aimee Louise Sword of searching out the son she gave up for adoption a decade ago and raping him. She has been arraigned on three charges of criminal sexual misconduct. It's unclear whether the boy, a minor, knew she was his biological mother. Sword insists she is innocent.

The case has shocked authorities, and mental health experts say this is the worst-case scenario for the boy. Dr. Gerald Shiener, chief of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit, told MyFox Detroit that he had never heard of a case like this:

Our first reaction to hearing about something like this is that this is every man's nightmare. It's an abomination. This could be his first sexual experience, and his first sexual experience could be something so conflicted, so unusual, so prohibited that it will stay with him for life.


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