Aimee Mann & Sarah McLachlan Guest Star On 'Portlandia' (VIDEO)

If you are (or were) a comedy, music and women's studies geek, then last night's episode of "Portlandia" was probably the best moment of your life.

Anyone who follows Aimee Mann on twitter knows she's tight with a lot of cool comedians, so it wasn't a huge surprise to see her show up on "Portlandia," itself a product of a magical comedy/indie rock union.

The premise was perfect contemporary tragic-comedy: the music industry is in the toilet, so singer/songwriters like Mann have to take menial day jobs -- like cleaning Fred and Carrie's apartment -- to pay the bills.

When Fred and Carrie begin seizing every opportunity to tell Mann how they hate all the other female singer/songwriters, we know its just a matter of time before one of them shows up.