Aimee Mann & Ted Leo's 'Milwaukee' Video Is A Classic Uncle Band Takeover

"Every drummer I know is in, like, nine bands right now." Ain't it the truth, Ted Leo!

Leo and Aimee Mann, or as they are they calling this collaboration, The Both, released the video for their single "Milwaukee," opening up with a quick sketch about their drummer choosing to tour Europe with Yanni (obviously) instead of with them. So when the kit hits the fan, who do you call? Your recently unemployed uncle who never achieved his dreams of playing in a world-famous rock band, of course. What results is a classic uncle band takeover.

The Both's self-titled debut drops on April 15. Watch the humorous video below and check out the album tracklist.

"The Both" tracklist:

1. The Gambler
2. Milwaukee
3. No Sir
4. Volunteers of America
5. Pay for It
6. You Can't Help Me Now
7. The Prisoner
8. Hummingbird
9. Honesty Is No Excuse
10. Bedtime Stories
11. The Inevitable Shove

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