Aimee Mann's 'Labrador' Video Is Shot-For-Shot Remake Of 'Voices Carry'

MTV generation, here's your Tuesday afternoon distraction. Aimee Mann's newest music video, for her song "Labrador," is an exact remake of the video that made her famous. "Voices Carry," a song by her former band Til Tuesday, is resurrected for a new generation.

Also, Jon Hamm makes a cameo, taking some time off from his busy schedule of not wearing underpants.

Hamm plays a skeevy, fictional version of the video's director Tom Scharpling, who in real life is best known for hosting the cult favorite radio program and podcast "The Best Show on WFMU." He's carved out another niche for himself as an indie music video director, but has recently threatened to stop (if you're a band with plenty of cash to throw around for a great video from Tom Scharpling, we hope you do so right now).

The video for "Labrador" also features Scharpling's comedy partner (and Superchunk drummer) Jon Wurster as Mann's jealous boyfriend. Keep an eye out for a few other exciting cameos from the music and comedy worlds.

Check out Mann's new video above, and for comparison, we've included the original "Voices Carry" video below.


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