AIPAC Conference: Who Are These People? Me, for One

MJ Rosenberg wants to know "who exactly are these people attending the AIPAC conference?" He then goes on to label attendees at the conference as fringe and implies that AIPAC members only love America because of its friendship with Israel. For someone that purports to be an open-minded progressive, his post is both slanderous and disgusting.

You want to know who was at the conference, Mr. Rosenberg? I was at the AIPAC conference. I've worked in Democratic and progressive politics for over a decade. I also worked at AIPAC many years ago. I worked for Bernie Sanders, the most progressive member of the United States Congress. I helped launch an organization committed to supporting state legislators as they tried to pass progressive legislation in states across the county. And I've worked to elect progressive candidates in dozens of races all across the county. I've earned my progressive stripes. I am also a proud member of AIPAC -- and I'm not alone. AIPAC members are progressives, moderates, conservatives and everything in between.

You seem desperate to want create a picture of AIPAC that's simply not true. AIPAC is an organization that is committed to working with the democratically elected government in Israel and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. As hard as it must be for you to accept, it's the truth. I say this as someone that has worked for the organization and seen firsthand how closely AIPAC works with both left wing and right wing governments in Israel. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak got as many standing ovations when he was Prime Minister as Netanyahu did when he spoke at the AIPAC conference last night. Go back and check the C-Span archives -- it's a fact.

Your closed minded and hateful rhetoric do nothing to support your positions. You certainly don't need to agree with what the organization does, but attacking every person who attended the conference just shows your ignorance about AIPAC and the American Jewish community in general.