AIPAC in Serious Trouble, Again

AIPAC is in big trouble and the media here is ignoring it. If this was, say, the National Rifle Association or NARAL, this story would be on page one.

But it's AIPAC, and few want to mess with it. (NEW: The Jewish FORWARD is on the case).

The story is explained in Al Jazeera and, first, in the piece but is carried in the court filings by AIPAC and its ex-employee Steve Rosen who was fired by the lobby after being indicted under the Espionage Act (the case never went to trial).

So now Rosen is suing AIPAC for "unlawful dismissal" and defamation of character. If he wins, AIPAC could have trouble meeting the mortgage payments on its brand new eight story headquarters a few blocks from the Capitol.

So, on November 10th, it fired back at Rosen.

I am not going into the details except to say that with all the illicit goings on at AIPAC (this is a X rated document), it is hard to believe it had the time to intimidate the entire US Congress into permanent submission.

Beyond the smut, the most shocking revelation in the court documents is when Rosen reveals that immediately upon being told by the FBI that he was in serious trouble, and being warned by AIPAC's counsel to come immediately to his office and talk to no one in advance, he immediately ran to meet with the #2 at the Israeli embassy!

Now it's war. AIPAC is putting out everything it has on Rosen and Rosen is about to put out everything he has on AIPAC. If he does -- he won't, it appears, if AIPAC pays him off -- it is probably the end of the organization. Why? Because Rosen's claim, which he will back up with documents in his possession, is that his operations -- which AIPAC claims was more like those of "a secret agent than a lobbyist" -- were standard operating procedure for the lobbying powerhouse. And that would mean that AIPAC is not a domestic lobbying organization at all, but something very, very different.

AIPAC is on the brink.

Soon we may hear Congress singing, "Free at last..."