Air Force One - Who Pays When Flying to HC Campaign Rally?

Who pays when President Obama and/or First Lady Michelle travel to campaign for Hillary? Does the President use Air Force One or does the Campaign provide the method of travel? What about Michelle? Is it possible that the American taxpayer is paying for this travel? Is this a covert contribution to the Clinton campaign from the American people?

It seems to me that this should be illegal, misuse of government funds to support a political campaign! Where are the Congressmen/women, Senators, who should be shouting for this misuse of money? Where is the Attorney General and the FBI who should be investigating this theft of taxpayer money?

How has this gone unnoticed for so long by the media, the authorities, law enforcement?

We, the American people should demand answers to these probing questions. Circulate this issue to anyone you think might have a vested interest in this abuse of us.

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