Air France Flight 447: Relatives Gather At Charles De Gaulle, Rio de Janeiro's International Airport (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Relatives of passengers on missing Air France Flight 447, the missing Airbus A330 flying from Rio to Paris arrived at airports in France and Brazil this morning to get more news on their loved ones. See a slideshow of the relatives and video below about the plane's flight path.

According to press reports from the AP:

The plane left Brazil radar contact, past the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, about three hours later (10:48 Brazil time, 0148 GMT, 9:48 p.m. EDT), indicating it was flying normally at 35,000 feet (10,670 meters) and traveling at 522 mph (840 kph).

About a half-hour after that, the plane sent an automatic signal indicating electrical problems while going through strong turbulence, Air France said.

The plane "crossed through a thunderous zone with strong turbulence" at 0200 GMT Monday (10 p.m. EDT Sunday) and an automatic message was received fourteen minutes later reporting electrical failure and a loss of cabin pressure.

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