Air New Zealand Launches Hobbit-Themed Safety Video (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hobbit In-Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand, the official airline of Middle Earth, launched a new Hobbit-themed in-flight safety video Wednesday.

The video, entitled "An Unexpected Briefing," celebrates the partnership between the airline and the new "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" film, the airline said in a press release. It features cameos by Dean O’Corman (the actor who plays Fili in "The Hobbit"), Gollum, Mike and Royd Tolkein (great-grandsons of J.R.R. Tolkien), and Larry Curtis and Cliff Broadway from The One Ring (the world's largest Tolkien fan site!)

Of course, the launch is accompanied by a contest to win a trip to New Zealand. More about that here.

Air New Zealand does not disappoint when it comes to in-flight safety videos. There was the "Bare Essentials of Safety," which featured cabin crew wearing nothing but body paint, Richard Simmons' "fit to fly" video, and an animated spot that "featured" Ed O'Neill, Barack Obama and other celebrities.

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