Air New Zealand's Mascot Rico 'Murdered' By Richard Simmons (VIDEO)

Air New Zealand is kinda sorta obsessed with its mascot, Rico.

So much so that the airline has created a whole game over who "murdered" the belovedly-weird mascot.

The culprit? Dear old Richard Simmons, who famously danced in his short shorts for the airline's in-flight safety video this past spring.

In the video, set in a grimy police station in Los Angeles, a police officer interrogates Simmons over the motive.

Though it's a truly weird video, it's in line with other publicity stunts that the airline has undertaken in the past. After all, this is an airline that had its mascot rap with Snoop Dogg, had David Hasselhoff "ride a sheep" and had Rico sit down for an interview with Lindsay Lohan.

Check out the clip below. Are you over Rico yet?

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