Air Travelers 'Don't Trust' Female Pilots, New Poll Shows

Majority 'Don't Trust' Female Pilots

File this under "something we never knew we should be caring about:"

If a woman's flying a plane, would you get off?

But of the people polled, those who did not trust a male pilot cited their "hot headedness" and their ability to be easily distracted as reasons for their distrust.

No matter your gender preference in a pilot, as of 2010, there were roughly 8,175 female commercial pilots in America, according to the FAA. That's not a whole lot, if you consider that there were about 266,000 for-hire pilots running around at that time.

Over the years, a few hotheaded males themselves have caused flight delays over their clear preference. In 2011, a male IndiGo passenger freaked out when the pilot came on the plane's intercom and was a woman, saying "I don't want to die! She can't take care of the house, how will she take care of the plane?" For real. And in 2012, a female Brazilian pilot kicked a sexist passenger off a flight.

So what about you? Do you care? Leave it in comments.

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