Air Travelers Rank Their Biggest Pet Peeves

When boarding a plane, is it your neighbor's gangly exposed toes that make you cringe? Perhaps it's a moist seatmate who wasn't exactly caught out in the rain. Well, if it's either of them, you're not alone.

Everybody has something that drives them batty about flying, and, in a recent poll, UK-based flight comparison site Skyscanner ranked the pet peeves of more than 2,700 travelers.

Footwear choice made the list twice, as did sweaty passengers, whom 22 percent of passengers just can't deal with. Southwest Airlines might have been on to something a week ago when the airline asked a woman to cover up her cleavage or be grounded. Ladies with low-cut tops grate on the nerves of four percent of those surveyed.

See how the top 10 air traveler pet peeves rank in the slideshow below. Do you have a major pet peeve when you fly? Share it with us in the comments below.

Airplane Passenger Pet Peeves