AIR WHALE! Incredible Humpback Breach Caught On Video

"It's a moment I'll never forget."

Whale watchers in Canada got a close encounter they'll never forget when a humpback did a backflip right next to their boat, going almost completely airborne in the process. 

The footage was caught on video by Sandy Seliga of Toronto during a whale-watching trip in the Bay of Fundy off Nova Scotia. 

The video was posted on YouTube by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, which said TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline could make the waters in the region "a lot busier and riskier for whales."

"We are so thrilled to see the Bay of Fundy and its magnificent whales get this incredible exposure," the organization wrote. "Moments like the one captured in this video are what motivates us to continue the marine conservation work we do."

The breach was also captured by Penny Graham of Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours, who posted the images on Facebook: 


"Isn't that an amazing picture? It's a moment I'll never forget,"Graham told the CBC. 

"It's not that we haven't seen breaching before, but it was the angle," she told the Weather Network. "That whale was heading toward us, and it was in the air upside down."

See more images of the incredible breach on her company's Facebook page


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