Air Wick Brings Military Family Together For The Most Heartfelt Commercial Of The Holiday Season

Scent is a powerful thing, and Air Wick managed to capture that perfectly with an incredibly moving holiday commercial.

The online video features the Fellers, a military family with six children living in North Carolina. The father, Kearen Feller, has been stationed in the Middle East for the last 11 months. His wife, Cortney Feller, continues to build a loving home for her children but undoubtedly struggles each day while missing her husband.

Having been away for almost a year, Kearen is really starting to forget what it feels like to be home.

So Air Wick joined forces with the Feller family to create candles that smell like some of Kearen's favorite things from home -- the baseball glove he gave his son, the apple pie he bakes with his kids each year and the fireplace where they love to spend time together. The children then sent the candles to their dad in Qatar to help him feel closer to home this holiday season.

"Scent is one of the triggers of the brain that actually changes the physiology of our body," scent expert Thomas Dunn says in the spot. "Every scent we try to capture is a personal journey."

“Scent is a powerful connection to home, and we wanted to help bring one family a little closer to home this holiday season," Air Wick's marketing director Tiffany McLaud told The Huffington Post in an email.

“We were so honored to be a part of this project with Air Wick,” Cortney Feller also told HuffPost. “This campaign really made Kearen feel closer to home and for that we are eternally grateful to Air Wick.”