Airbnb Office: San Francisco Startup Shows Off Its New Pad (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Airbnb Unveils Design-Savvy New Digs

The good folks over at Business Insider made us all insecure about our cubicles last month when they revealed photos of the new office of San Francisco-based Airbnb. And while we're hardly surprised that the city's slick startup is bursting with innovative design, it's safe to say that we severely underestimated the goods. As with any new company, Airbnb has had its share of ups and downs. But lately, things are looking up.

According to Office Snaps, the new space was designed by Michael Garcia and Farid Tamjidi of Garcia-Tamjidi when Airbnb moved into a new Potrero Hill location. Airbnb -- the online server that helps stylish homeowners put up their homes for vacation rental, stylishly -- drew inspiration from some of the company's favorite rental properties. (Step inside the conference room designed after a Brooklyn art loft to see what we're talking about.)

A la Google, the company also brought in a full-time chef. Though instead of adorning the place with Googlesque touches (Slides? Really?), Airbnb kept things classy with a Pan Am homage, open office floorplan, paintings on the walls and a chic fainting couch in the ladies' room. (Dear HuffPost. We need to talk. It's about the bathrooms.)

Check out pictures of Airbnb's cool new office in the slideshow below:


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