Airborne Truck Narrowly Misses Police Officers Along Iowa Highway (VIDEO)

WATCH: A Brush With Death, Caught On Tape

Two sheriff’s deputies and a state trooper in Iowa are lucky to be alive after a pickup truck nearly wiped them out last week in a frightening scene caught on a police dashcam.

The deputies can be seen standing outside the trooper's unmarked vehicle near a traffic accident on I-80 when a pickup truck flies through after being hit by a semi, clips the car and nearly takes out the officers.

The cops barely pause to catch a breath before taking action. Moments after the truck zooms through, one of them says, "I'm gonna go check on that guy."

The driver of the flying pickup, 45-year-old Dana Miller, suffered only a cut on his forehead.

"When I saw the video, it did not look like me," he told KWQC. "I thought, 'Who in the heck survived that?'"

The driver of the semi was identified as 49-year-old Michael John Smith. He was cited with failure to maintain control, KWWL reports.

"This is just a glaring example of how close we came to losing Trooper (Jesse) Hernandez, Deputy (Aaron) Hammes, along with Reserve Deputy (Kim) Pearson ... all because a driver of a semi chose not to slow down when approaching a crash scene full of vehicles and emergency lights," Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek was quoted as saying.

A second video, below, shows the scene from inside the trooper's unmarked car. Hernandez, who was in the vehicle, was taken to a hospital and released.

No one was seriously injured in the incident.

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