Airbus A321 Involved In Pakistan Plane Crash (VIDEOS)

An Airbus A321 was involved in the Pakistan plane crash today that killed 152 people.

The incident marked the worst plane crash in Pakistani history. The cause is under investigation but terrorism is not suspected, per the Associated Press.

Airblue Flight 202 was bound from Karachi to Islamabad, but it was forced to re-route due to heavy fog around its destination, reports The Australian. Witnesses said it was flying low before it crashed.

The Airbus A321, part of the Airbus A320 family, is a smaller commercial plane that flies short to medium-range distances. It typically has a thin frame or narrow body.

Problems landing the Airbus A321 are not unheard of, though there have been only a handful of major accidents since the program launched in 1989.

Watch an example of a shaky Airbus A321 landing below, which caused a pilot to improvise, and scroll down for video footage specific to the Pakistan plane crash.

Watch footage from the scene of the Pakistan plane crash:

Here's a report on the Airbus A321 Pakistan crash: