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Airbus' Driving/Flying Pod Concept Has Us Dreaming Traffic Is Over

Meet your dream car. It's also your dream flying machine.

Traffic could be a thing of the past if this new concept design from Airbus ever comes to fruition.

The Pop.Up is the aircraft company’s epic idea for a hybrid driving and flying machine that would serve commuters in a transportation network. Its detachable capsule connects to either a four-wheeled driving base or a set of high-tech wings, depending on road conditions.

Simply plug your destination into the capsule’s app, wait for it to arrive, and let it drive or fly you from Point A to B.

The Pop.Up&nbsp;can theoretically&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">fly or drive itself</a>.
The Pop.Up can theoretically fly or drive itself.
The vehicle's "<a href="" target="_blank">air module</a>" would fly it&nbsp;above city traffic.
The vehicle's "air module" would fly it above city traffic.

Airbus and design brand Italdesign unveiled a non-working prototype of Pop.Up this week at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle, which theoretically drives or pilots itself with zero emissions, is meant to benefit both travelers and the environment.

“Urban transportation is moving into the third dimension, exploring city skies to contribute to relieving congested roads and reducing emissions,” Airbus said in a press release, adding their vehicle “makes full use of both ground and airspace.”

There isn’t a timeline for when or if these pods become a reality, and Engadget notes “any practical use is going to be years away.” We’ll keep muddling through freeway traffic, but we won’t stop dreaming.

The Pop.Up is described as a "<a href="" target="_blank">seamless, multi-modal</a>, fully electric urban mobility."
The Pop.Up is described as a "seamless, multi-modal, fully electric urban mobility."
It's much slicker than your average ride.
It's much slicker than your average ride.
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