Could This Airplane Bench Actually Give Us More Room On Planes?

We definitely don't hate it.

We all know that airplane seats are far from perfect these days. Many designs have attempted to solve the problem of increasingly little space, but with little luck.

This new airplane bench idea, though? It just might be onto something.

Airbus filed a patent for the bench earlier this month: It features detachable seat belts so that anywhere from two to four passengers can fit in the same row, depending on how much space they need.

If two larger passengers need room, for example, the bench will accommodate them. But if a family of four wants to sit in the same row, they can do that too.

The idea already has people concerned that relegating "overweight" passengers to a designated bench wouldn't be the most sensitive thing to do, and we agree. We also imagine this setup would make ticketing incredibly complicated.

But on the flip side, the bench could work to save space on already too-crowded planes by allowing kids to sit closer together and save space for grown-ups -- of all body weights -- who need it.

It's key to remember that Airbus and other travel companies often file patents that never actually make it into the air, so it's unlikely you'll see a bench on your flight anytime soon.

Guess we'll keep squishing in till then.

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