Brilliant 'Airhook' Invention Could Solve The Legroom Problem Once And For All

Brilliant 'Airhook' Invention Could Solve The Legroom Problem Once And For All

Unless you're a first-class regular, chances are legroom has always been a problem on planes. But one little gadget is here to change that.

The Airhook attaches to your folded-up tray table, turning your airplane seatback into an all-in-one cup holder and viewing station for tablets or phones. The Airhook does pretty much everything your tray table would do, but without sucking up all that legroom space or exposing you to a germ-infested tabletop surface.

Sheer brilliance, we do declare.

The Airhook isn't the first gadget that has tried to end legroom woes. However, it seems much less controversial than options like the KneeDefender because it doesn't infringe on other passengers' ability to recline their seats. If the person in front of you does recline, just turn the Airhook's knob to adjust the viewing angle for your tablet or phone. No drama here.

It's unclear what would happen if you affixed the Airhook to a seatback that had a built-in TV. But seeing as the Airhook attaches to the tray table and not the seatback itself, we presume there would be no problem.

The Airhook has raised more than $27,000 on Kickstarter so far, and inventor Craig Rabin says the product should be ready for distribution by the 2015 holiday season. When ready for retail, the Airhook will cost $20, plus a $4 shipping fee in the U.S.

If that's cheaper than upgrading to first class -- and let's face it, it probably IS -- then we'll gladly take it.

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