Old Pan Am Photo Marks How Much Airline Travel Has Changed

Do you remember when airline travel looked like this? Wide seats, plenty of legroom, and a flying clientele who dressed for the occasion of the flight? We recently spotted this photo making the social media rounds of what an economy -- coach -- cabin looked like aboard a Pan Am flight in the 1960s and it got us thinking: What other things were better in the old days, besides Miley Cyrus, of course.

Pan American World Airways, commonly known as Pan Am, was the largest international air carrier based in the U.S. from 1927 until 1991. The airline has always had a place in popular culture as a kind of standard bearer for luxury and excellence. There was even a TV show named "Pan Am" that briefly aired. Anyone remember the famous "Pan Am smile" -- supposedly taught to its flight attendants (known then as stewardesses) where the corners of the mouth turned up without crinkling the eyes? Wouldn't want wrinkles, after all.