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After 100 Days Away, This Air Force Airman Planned A Sweet Homecoming Surprise

Airports during the holidays are generally hellish. But on Friday, the Detroit Metro Airport was actually a rather heartwarming place to be.

Emma Trabue planned to surprise her fiancé, Air Force airman Jon Greko, at the airport when he returned from basic training last week after 100 days apart. The pair got engaged over the phone in October, but hadn't seen each other since.

In the YouTube video description, Trabue's sister explains that Emma had asked a family friend who works for Delta Air Lines to help her get a gateway pass so she could go through security and greet Greko at his gate.

Turns out, Greko was in on the plan and had his own surprise in store. As Emma waited at the gate holding a “Welcome Home A1C Greko” sign, passengers exiting her fiancé's flight handed her red roses one by one. The last one off the plane? Greko, of course, who got down on one knee and properly proposed to her.

Watch the couple's sweet reunion in the video above.

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