DIY Airplane Food: 10 Tasty Meals You Can Carry On Your Flight

For most people, airplane food isn't something to look forward to, but at least it used to be complimentary. Now the only time a meal is included in the price of a tickets is when you're flying internationally, but what about those domestic flights? There's food, but you have to pay for it in addition to your ticket and checked bag fees. But most of the time the food just sucks. You know what we're talking about -- soggy sandwiches, weird snacks and the infamous cheese plate. Plus with recent news of passengers finding needles in their turkey sandwiches, you have to wonder how safe those meals are -- not to mention the lack of food safety. So what's a traveler to do? We've got some ideas for you.

If you'd rather have a meal that's delicious, fresh and catered exactly to your liking, then the only way to do just that is to make it yourself. But it's not hard at all. Our 10 recipe ideas can make your in-flight meal that much more enjoyable. Taking into account the length of your travels, we've picked foods that can last for hours without going bad (like undressed salads and veggie sticks). Also, to ensure everything stays fresh we've provided tips on how to prepare and pack each meal -- like freezing beforehand (a tip we learned from Melissa D'Arabian).

Airplane Foods