Recycled Air Isn't The Reason You Get Sick After A Flight

Here's what really happens with the air in your airplane cabin.

If you’ve ever come down with a cold after a plane trip, you may have blamed the recycled air in the cabin.

But as the SciShow video above explains, this notion doesn’t quite fly. The idea that planes simply recycle germy air over and over throughout the cabin is misguided: In reality, planes circulate air from both inside and outside the cabin, filtering it through the same high-quality HEPA filters found in hospital operating rooms. And the air around your seat isn’t coming from a sicker section of the plane, either ― check out the video to see how it works.

Of course, there can still be disturbing numbers of germs hanging out on airplane tray tables, armrests and lavatory door handles. Oh, and that person sneezing in the seat next to yours doesn’t help, either. But next time, blame them, not the oxygen.

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