Airplane Panel Falls From Sky Onto Golf Course

It was "twirling around in circles."


Players at the Green Meadows Golf Course in Mount Holly, North Carolina, had an unexpected course hazard to contend with Wednesday morning, after a panel detached from a passenger jet overhead and fell onto the 7th hole.

An unnamed bystander saw it "falling from the sky, twirling around in circles and land approximately 40 yards to the right of the green" at around 8:20 a.m, local TV station WBTV reported

The panel fell from American Airlines Flight 1910, an Airbus 321. The airplane, which was flying from Dallas Fort-Worth, later landed at Charlotte-Douglas Intl. Airport without incident. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

American Airlines said in a media release the detached panel didn't present "a flight safety issue," as it "covers the hydraulic servicing area, which is not a pressurized area of the aircraft."

While it may be concerning to stumble across a fallen plane part on a golf course, at least it's not an alligator.