These Are The 10 Worst Habits Of Airplane Passengers

What kind of traveler are you?

People sometimes forget how to behave when they're on a flight. But what's the very worst thing a fellow passenger can do?

London City Airport surveyed 232 travelers to find out their greatest sources of irritation while onboard.

The results, published Wednesday, show that excessive seat-reclining is the biggest no-no, with 63 percent of passengers saying it was one of the most annoying things they encounter during air travel.

The frustrations are further detailed in this infographic:

CREDIT: London City Airport

The second biggest annoyance is people who hog the armrests, followed by customers who are rude to cabin crew.

An airport spokesperson said it was "no wonder little things can irritate us," because airplane travel brings strangers closer together than usual.

The spokesperson advised passengers to "be considerate of others," to breathe deeply if they become anxious and to remind themselves that "it's just a short trip before you can get off the plane." Passengers flying to Australia, presumably, can disregard that last part.

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