The One Thing That Nearly All Air Travelers Agree On

Are you one of those people who presses the seat-recline button the second the airplane reaches cruising altitude?

If so, chances are the person sitting behind you is really peeved.

Travel website Skyscanner polled 1,000 travelers and found that 91 percent of fliers would like to see reclining seats banned on short-haul flights.

And if that number makes your back ache, hear this: 43 percent said they'd like to see those seats removed from long-haul flights as well.

Those surveyed cited discomfort as the number one reason for wanting to ban the seats -- airplanes are already crowded enough, having leg room compromised and a chairback in your face is not exactly ideal.

Who else likes this idea? Flight attendants, of course. The poll also surveyed 900 international cabin crew members, 60 percent of whom said they'd like to see reclining seats removed because they cause more trouble than they're worth.

Reclining seats have been the cause of on-board fights that break out when one passenger reclines his or her seat to the dismay of the person behind them. The etiquette involved -- to ask or not to ask? -- can be stress inducing, especially for a nervous flier.

What do you think? Would you ban reclining seats? Or would you be dismayed if they were removed?

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