The Real Reason Airplane Windows Don't Always Align With Your Seat

The mystery is solved.

Have you ever had to crane your neck just to glimpse a sliver of skyline from the airplane window right next to your seat? It’s frustrating when your window seat offers more wall than window.

Well, there’s a reason your airplane seat is woefully misaligned with the windows. And it has everything to do with the airline greed.

Vlogger Simon Whistler tackled this issue on the “Today I Found Out” YouTube channel. It turns out that airplanes are designed with general row positioning and spacing recommendations that align with the airplane windows. However, airlines rarely follow those recommendations. And the resulting misalignment has to do how they tinker with seat size and seat pitch. Watch the video above to learn why your seat isn’t where it should be.

Of course, misaligned seats do offer more wall space for resting your head. Frequent flyers say windows are most off-center on the lefthand side of the plane, making them ideal seats for dozing off. While this is only anecdotal evidence, it does indicate that misaligned windows aren’t a complete loss. It’s a small consolation for reduced legroom, but hey ― we’ll take whatever we can get.

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