The 21 Worst People You Meet At The Airport

We're talking about you, spring breakers in matching T-shirts.

The airport can feel like a terrible place. While we love going on vacation, having to wait in an airport is the worst. If the long lines, awful food and close-quarters weren't bad enough, then the other passengers breaking the rules and hogging seats are.

We've all encountered them. The people who show up late, try to cut the line and forget their passports. Or worse yet, the people who fail to understand that you really do need to take your shoes off at security.

Thankfully, our friends over at Just The Flight, understand our plight and put together a handy little infographic outlining the most challenging people we come across at the airport. They surveyed 5,000 people, and here's what annoys them (and let's be honest, us) the most:

Just The Flight
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