Airport Security Checkpoint Of The Future Won't Have Strip Searches Or Pat Downs (VIDEO)

No Strip Searches Or Pat Downs In The Airport Of The Future

What if you could get through the airport without taking off your shoes, unpacking your bag or submitting to a pat down down by security officials?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has just unveiled its "Checkpoint of the Future," a set of three 20-foot-long futuristic security tunnels that passengers walk through as the walls scan their bags, shoes and person.

"It's something that's long overdue,'' John Pistole of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) told the Wall Street Journal. "We're not at the checkpoint of the future yet but we're working toward that. I think eventually we will see something similar."

The TSA is also working towards a pilot program that might let certain frequent flyers with good records to pass through checkpoints with less hassle. The IATA model will also separate out passengers based on a government risk assessment, with an eye scan to match passengers to their passports.

While lower risk flyers might be able to finish up in a few minutes, a higher risk passenger may receive a full-body scan as the tunnels search their person for illegal materials.

Though the security program is still just a prototype, the hope of getting through airport security in less than an hour of stress-filled undressing will certainly have many cheering.


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