Airstream 2 Go Offers RV Rentals In Lovely Trailers (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: New Company Rents Airstream Trailers

A new company is hoping to bridge the gap between people who want to take a Midcentury Modern vacation and those who can afford a pricey Airstream RV.

Airstream 2 Go launched May 1, with a small fleet of brand-new trailers based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The company will expand its fleet to "hundreds of vehicles" later this summer and in 2014, says founder Dicky Riegel, who brings more than 15 years of RV experience to the new company.

While the basic idea is similar to other RV rental services, Riegel says his operation, with its custom-designed 23-foot and 28-foot International Signature Series Airstream trailers, will add a layer of sophistication and service. Among the amenities the company promises are roadside support, proprietary camping spots, custom designed itineraries and GMC Yukon Denali SUVs for towing the aluminum-clad quarters.

Starting at $5,250 a week, the trips certainly aren't cheap, but the price includes most expenses. It also compares to other high-end, active travel offerings from companies like Abercrombie & Kent and Explora; activities and support services for Airstream 2 Go trips are provided through a partnership with travel outfitter Off The Beaten Path.

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