Aisha Tyler Will Keep Using 'The C-Word' And Here's Why

"I often use it in reference to men when they're being a jerk," the "Unapologetic" host told Andy Cohen.

Comedian Samantha Bee recently said she was sorry for calling Ivanka Trump a vulgar name on “Full Frontal.” But “Unapologetic” host Aisha Tyler isn’t about to apologize for using the profanity.

“I use the C-word quite a bit, mainly because I’m never going to allow it to be weaponized against me,” Tyler said on Sunday’s “After Show” of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

A caller brought up the subject, asking the comedian and former “The Talk” co-host when it’s appropriate to use the word.

“I often use it in reference to men when they’re being a jerk,” Tyler said.

Tyler and Cohen discussed how the word could be repurposed into a positive term, as “queer” has been in the gay community. Bee’s use of “cunt” sparked a debate on whether the word has a place in conversation at all.

Tyler advocated that women reclaim the word on an episode of her show last month. She told Cohen it won’t be exiting her vocabulary anytime soon.

“That’s like the third rail of words when it comes to women specifically,” she said. “And I’m never ever going to let a man or a woman come into my space and use a word that somehow jolts me or makes me feel less than. So  I just have completely taken all the air out that word in my life.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story mistakenly called Tyler’s show “Apologetic.”