University Of Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron's Beautiful Friendship With A.J. Starr, Student With Cerebral Palsy (VIDEO)

A single moment of compassion has turned into a beautiful friendship between a University of Alabama quarterback and a student with cerebral palsy.

A.J. McCarron, who has been the QB for Alabama's Crimson Tide since 2011, first met A.J. Starr after a routine practice, according to a CNN news story on the pair.

"I always remember him watching football through the cracks of our fence, just so he could see a glimpse of the team," McCarron said in the CNN interview. "I could tell he had some type of disorder. He tried to raise his hand at two buses and they just pulled off. And it was starting to rain -- I just felt bad."

McCarron offered Starr a ride and learned of his struggle with cerebral palsy. He was so moved by Starr's story and cheerful disposition that he called up the school's director of football operations and asked him to find a place for Starr in the team's ranks, Sports Illustrated reported.

Starr was soon appointed the team's equipment manager and now has a sideline spot at every home game and practice.

"Here's a kid who's been through all types of obstacles and he still wakes up smiling every day," McCarron told CNN. "I feel like he's given me more than I've actually given him."

Watch their full story in the moving video above.



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