AJ McCarron's Girlfriend, Katherine Webb, Draws 'Wow' From Brent Musburger At BCS Game (VIDEO)

Announcer: 'What A Beautiful Woman, Whoa!'

Brent Musburger turned to the stands for something to talk about after Alabama jumped out an early 14-0 lead over Notre Dame in the BCS Championship Game. With the quick scores by the Crimson Tide threatening to end the competitive portion of the game early, Musburger and his broadcast partner Kirk Herbstreit sounded at least as excited about AJ McCarron's girlfriend as they were about the one-sided action on the field.

"Wow, you quarterbacks get all the good looking women. What a beautiful woman, whoa!" Musburger fawned as ESPN cameras showed McCarron's girlfriend in the stands. "If you're a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with pops."

McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, is a former Miss Alabama and Musburger seemed quite smitten. Her relationship with the Alabama quarterback generated some attention leading up to the game because she is an Auburn alum and tweeted her support for her alma mater's nemesis.

Just as Musburger may have been reaching for something to talk about with the game lacking drama, those following along on social media also needed something to tweet about. This awkward episode garnered a lot of attention.

(Video via @cjzero by way of Awful Announcing)

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