Mark Hamill To Ajit Pai: Corporate Shills Have No Right To Wield A Light Saber

"Jedis act selflessly for the common man, #AJediYouAre NOT."

Jedi Luke Skywalker, aka actor Mark Hamill, has blasted Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai for posing with a light saber in a giddy video plugging the death of net neutrality.

“You are profoundly unworthy to wield a light saber,” Hamill tweeted on Saturday. “A Jedi acts selflessly for the common man — NOT lie 2 enrich giant corporations.”

Pai’s video, “7 Things You Can Still Do On The Internet After Net Neutrality,” which was created in collaboration with conservative website The Daily Caller, touts killing net neutrality as creating “internet freedom.” It’s a corny, condescending list of activities everyone can still do on the internet after the death of net neutrality — such as posting selfies. On Thursday, a day after the video was posted, the FCC voted 3-2 to end net neutrality in a hugely controversial move.

Not only does Pai pose with a light saber in the video, he also dances to the “Harlem Shake.” The song’s producer, Harry Bauer Rodrigues ― a DJ better known as Baauer — threatened legal action against Pai for using the music.

Neither the label nor the artist “approved this use nor do we approve of the message contained therein,” the record label Mad Decent said in a statement. “We have issued a takedown will pursue further legal action if it is not removed.”

As of Saturday the video was still available on The Daily Caller’s Facebook page.

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