Iceland UFO Glows Bright, Descends Into Town Of Akureyri (VIDEO)

LOOK: UFO Descends Into Iceland Town Like A Fireball

A man shooting time lapse video of a town in Iceland captured an eerie, glowing light that flew into town.

YouTube user Bjarki Mikkelsen went back to the tape he filmed in Northern Iceland's Akureyri on Sept. 29, and noticed the fireball, he says. At the 1:18 mark in his video, the red glowing light falls from the heavens and straight into town.

"There comes a strange glowing ball that I catch on web camera," Mikkelsen writes. "I wonder about that."

The rest of the internet began to wonder, too. The video has since been slowed down (above) and scrutinized by paranormal organizations like UFO Disclosure Ireland, which speculates that there are "two beacon-type lights flashing" at the moment the object lands in town.

Of course, there could be an easy explanation for the object. As HuffPost Weird News previously reported, drones and other unmanned aircraft are causing a rise in UFO sightings.

The glowing light in Iceland isn't unlike a glowing light captured on video in Brazil earlier this year. The Sao Paulo UFO turned out to be a drone, owned by a news agency, that was capturing footage of the crowd below.

What do you think? Is this an extraterrestrial aircraft, a drone, or something else?

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