These Moving Street Art GIFs Are Everything We Ever Wanted... In A GIF

Street art, removed from the stuffy confines of a gallery's white walls and placed in the bustling city streets, could already be described as "art in motion." However, most people who'd employ such a description have likely not yet been introduced to the looping street art GIFs of an individual by the name of AL Crego.

Crego's deliciously contemporary creations turn your favorite street-dwelling designs into compelling animated shorts. Some GIFs inject movement into the artworks themselves while others toy with the fluctuating nature of their habitats -- also known as the urban jungle. The Spanish artist explained to Pixable that "if [the artworks] were moving, they could give more meaning to the piece itself." We can't really argue with him there.

Take a look at the animated goods, which bring the ephemeral beauty of urban art to the digital spaces of the Internet, below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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