Al D'Amato Unloads On Fellow Guest On Fox Business: 'Racist Bullsh*t' (VIDEO)

WATCH: D'Amato FLIPS Over Fellow Guest's 'Racist Bullsh-t' On Fox Business

Former Senator Al D'Amato (R-NY) let loose with a string of profanities as he blasted a fellow Fox Business Network guest for his comments about Africans (h/t J$P).

The blowup came during a discussion on Thursday's edition of "Money Rocks"about whether or not to privatize the US Postal Service. Though all of the guests appeared to agree about the issue at hand, several took offense at the comments of GOP strategist Jack Burkman.

Burkman launched the discussion by saying, "most of these guys working in the Post Office should be driving cabs, and I think we should stop importing labor from Nigeria and Ethiopia. That's the skill level."

When it was his turn to speak, D'Amato started by criticizing Burkman, saying, "Jack would've done well without all the name calling."

Tamara Holder, an attorney who was also on the show, chimed in, saying, "Making all these somewhat racist statements about Nigeria is a spinning of sorts...this has to do with government waste."

Burkman then tried to defend himself: "Most people employed by the United States Post Office...are thoroughly unskilled labor," he said.

This proved to be the last straw for D'Amato, who cut in and unloaded:

"You are a nasty racist..that's a bunch of bullshit and you should be ashamed of yourself and have your mouth washed out."

When Burkman tried to cut in, D'Amato shot him down: "Wait a minute...shut up. I listened to your racist bullshit."


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