Al Franken Interviewed On "Today Show" About Coming To The Senate (VIDEO)

Asked by Meredith Vieira on the "Today Show" if it was difficult to ignore his penchant for speaking out and keep a low-profile while the recount and appeals processes in Minnesota dragged on, Senator-elect Al Franken replied, "Fortunately I lost my sense of humor right away. (laughing) So I didn't have a problem... Minnesota has a real process here. Minnesotans should be proud of our process. It's thorough; we can say that. It's transparent. And our election officials acted with incredible integrity. "

Reflecting on the extraordinarily close result of the election (out of 2.9 million votes cast, Franken won by a margin of 312 votes), he acknowledged that he's "very conscious" of that fact and realizes a lot of Minnesotans didn't vote for him.

Franken reiterated that he doesn't see himself as the 60th Democratic senator but rather as the second senator from Minnesota.