Al Gore Torches Donald Trump: He 'Is Now The Face Of Climate Denial' Around The World

"His voice is the voice of climate denial," the former vice president told "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah.

Former Vice President Al Gore thinks President Donald Trump is now the global poster boy for denying climate change.

The environmentalist ― who wrote and starred in the Oscar-winning 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” ― claimed on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” that Trump is now “the face” and “the voice” of climate denial.

Trump has previously called climate change a Chinese hoax and this week dismissed his own government’s report that warned of the dire implications of increasing temperatures in the U.S.

Gore claimed “the vast majority of Americans” and people “all around the world” had “had it with the constant craziness” and that the mobilization against climate change deniers was now “a reaction to what Donald Trump is saying and doing.” 

Check out the clip here: