Al Gore Has 1 Word For Donald Trump

"I don't mean to be flippant about it," the climate change advocate said.

Former Vice President Al Gore had a blunt message for President Donald Trump: “Resign.”

The climate change advocate sat down with “Good Day L.A.” this week for an interview about his upcoming Climate Reality Project event, a gathering of some 2,000 activists in Los Angeles. When co-host Elex Michaelson asked if Gore had any message for Trump when it comes to climate change, his response was simple.

“Oh, my only message would be: resign,” Gore said, laughing.

“I don’t mean to be flippant about it,” he added. “I don’t think he’s prepared to listen to advice about the importance of clean air and clean water.”

The former Democratic presidential nominee previously said that prior to the presidential inauguration, he had some hope that Trump would act to protect the environment and maintain the United States’ involvement in the landmark Paris Accord, despite promising his supporters he would withdraw.

“I went to Trump Tower after the election,” Gore told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert a year ago. “I thought that there was a chance he would come to his senses. But I was wrong.”

In an interview with The Associated Press earlier this month, Gore said that Trump hasn’t been as detrimental to the environment as he feared, in part due to courts blocking some of the administration’s plans.

“The U.S. system has a lot of inherent resilience,” Gore said. “It’s hard for one person, even the president, to change things very quickly if the majority of American people don’t want them changed.”

The “Good Day L.A.” interview with Gore will air in full on Friday. Check out a sneak peek in the video above.

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