Al Gore, Your Country Needs You...To Endorse Barack Obama

It's time. Now. Before February 5th. If you wait, it'll be too late. You've won the popular vote, an Oscar and a Nobel Prize, and now it's time for you to give something back. Although somewhere in your mind you may think that there's a chance for you to rise from the dust of a brokered convention to claim the nomination for yourself, you must also know that this would not be the best thing for the Democratic party or the country. Not because you wouldn't make a great president, you would, but because of the inter-party civil war that we would need to go through first. We've seen it for the past few weeks. It seems that the Clintons (and believe me it breaks my heart to say this) will stop at nothing to get elected. And if they do, we will be faced with the same ugliness we had to live through in the 90s. Yes, Bill Clinton was a great president. Peace and prosperity were the order of the day, and that was good, but the political wars (in most cases not started by the Clintons) dragged this nation into the gutter, and the Bush regime has kept us there. It's time to rise above. It's time to believe that our politicians are good, and honorable. It's time to be inspired. Mr. Vice President, you've done incredible work these past few years, and you've made all of us proud. Now, like so many times before, we need for you to show us the way. History, by way of the future. Yes, we can.