Al Gore's Call for Carbon Free Electricity

I just joined an overflow crowd in DAR Constitution Hall for former Vice President Al Gore's excellent call for carbon free electricity in 10 years.

You can watch the whole speech at
meanwhile here are the 10 essential points that set forth change we can make -- all presented to thunderous applause from the thousands gathered in DC:

1. Call on all candidates to support carbon free electricity in 10 years.
Together we can fuel electricity with renewables.

2. Tell the vested interests that even those who reap the benefits of the carbon era acknowledge the inevitability of its demise -- the Stone Age did not end due to a shortage of stones.
Go defend the status quo to the American people and you'll see the huge appetite for change!

3. Act now -- we the American people do not have don't have 10 years of high prices and troop deployments to dangerous places

4. Improve our national grid

5. Develop plug-in cars to save jobs

6. Improve our broadband to increase efficiency

7. Create jobs with sunshine and good wages for those who have been bringing us energy such as our coal miners

8. Tax what we burn not what we earn

9. Restore American leadership in the world. At the end of the year go to Copenhagen to help craft a global climate change treaty needed to reduce emissions. Moving first in the world effort is in our own national interest

10. Solve dysfunctional politics. Don't believe those who say we cannot reduce prices with a plan to drill for oil we can use 10 years from now. Some in Congress stampeded by special interests. The truth is that change in China will increase demand and prices -- the one thing we can do is to end our dependence on oil and fuel our cars with renewables.

Gore concluded: This is a generational moment!

On July 16, 1969 the Apollo mission answered JFK's call to put a man on the moon within a decade.

Today (July 16, 2008), we must lift our nation to reach a new goal ... a new journey of discovery and exploration ... another great leap for humankind!

Overall, a phenomenal call to service for a generation of Americans hungry for change. Gore's speech ended to the U2 "Beautiful Day" soundtrack and an energized crowd ready for action.