Al Green To Perform At Obama Campaign Fundraiser

WASHINGTON -- Looks like Al Green will get to return the favor to President Barack Obama for making his 1971 classic "Let's Stay Together" popular again -- and sending his record sales through the roof.

Green will perform for the president and his supporters at a campaign fundraiser in San Francisco on Thursday night. "He'll be performing at the dinner at a private residence this evening," an Obama campaign aide told The Huffington Post.

Obama is slated to give remarks at a campaign event in San Francisco at 7:10 p.m. PST, according to his daily schedule. ABC News reported Thursday that the event is taking place at the home of novelist Robert Mailer Anderson, with tickets priced at $38,500 each.

The president unexpectedly started singing the beginning of Green's song from the podium during a Jan. 19 fundraiser. Within a matter of days, videos of Obama singing went viral on YouTube and digital download sales for Green's version of the song shot up by 490 percent in the period ending on Jan. 22, according to Nielsen.

No word from the president's campaign on whether Obama and Green will perform a duet.