Al Green Seeks Peter King's Islamic Radicalization Hearings To Include Radical Christianity

Texas Rep Seeks Radicalization Hearings To Include Christianity

Congressman Al Green (D-TX9) has said that Rep. Peter King (R-NY3)'s hearings on the radicalization of Islam in America were justified only if such hearings were to take place on the radicalization within every religion.

“If you agree that radicalization exists within all religions to some extent, would you kindly extend a hand into the air,” Green asked witnesses and, as reported by The Raw Story, all hands were raised.

Green told The Raw Story that if all religions have some tendency to be radical, then all of them should have radical hearings, especially Christianity.

“I do not, not — N-O-T — oppose hearings on radicalization. I do oppose hearings that don’t focus on the entirety of radicalization. And if you agree that we have Christians... who become radicalized, they become part of Islam and they become radicalized as is being said, why not have a hearing on the radicalization of Christians?”

However, according to Conservative Daily News, this is an oversimplification of the issue at hand.

"Of course Congress is looking into Muslim radicalization in America as it poses a proven threat to the safety and well-being of United States Citizens and U.S. property. It isn’t a statement that all Muslims are a danger, but that radicalization within the Muslim faith should be seriously regarded as a threat."

Hemant Mehta, chair of Foundation Beyond Belief, believes just because there are terrorists who are Muslim doesn't mean that Islam advocates this.

"Of course, we know there are terrorists out there who are Muslim, but to suggest the problem lies with Islam and not the people who distort the faith to their own advantage is pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Does the Koran say awful things? Yes. Do most Muslims take those statements literally? Of course not."

Green said in the video though he is not Muslim, he knows "what it feels like to look like a Muslim," and that hearings like these simply cause more misunderstanding in the minds of those watching.

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