Al Jazeera America In Discussions With Time Warner Cable

Will Al Jazeera America strike a deal with Time Warner Cable?
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When Al Jazeera America premieres next Tuesday, Time Warner Cable will not be carrying the U.S.-based cable news channel.

Time Warner Cable dropped Current TV immediately after it was sold in January to Al Jazeera, which announced plans to use the cable slot for a future American news channel. The cable company, however, said it would keep an open mind as Al Jazeera America developed.

Now that Al Jazeera America has hired around 850 staffers, including a number of high-profile anchors and correspondents, and prepares to launch on Aug. 20, HuffPost circled back. A Time Warner Cable spokeswoman said the cable distributor is still in negotiations with Al Jazeera America about potential carriage.

Since late 2011, Time Warner Cable customers in New York City have been able to watch Al Jazeera English as it was carried on two regional networks. But when Al Jazeera America launches, US viewers will no longer be able to watch Al Jazeera English on cable channels that previously carried it or via livestream.

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